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  Livestreaming from Store Mosse nationalpark, via 4G – feeding of Golden Eagle and White-tailed Eagle.
TIP – Select quality 720p in settings, down in the right.
Only during daytime, between 9 am and 15 pm. – The equipment is battery powered and operates during daytime.
– Unfortunately, we do not have permission to livestream with sound.

In cooperation with naturum, Store Mosse National Park
Golden Eagle and White-tailed Eagle have been feed during winter at Store Mosse National Park annually since the 1970s. From end of November to mid March this can be watched by the web camera.

About 100 kilo of pork meat a week is left out to the birds during high season. The eagles usually prefer early breakfast, which, means that the best time for eagle spotting is in the morning. The Goshawk is also a regular visitor to the carrion.

Store Mosse National Park and naturum is situated on road 151 about 20 km west of the town Värnamo, which is situated 250 km north of Copenhagen on the Highway E4.

More information at:

Vädret Hillerstorp

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